Price: $895.00
RRP $ 1,185.80

Onga SMHPThe SMHP range provides solutions for average sized homes right up to the largest applications.  With a highly efficient and super-quiet design, SMHP pressure systems are the perfect match for your rainwater tank.  The exclusive Dry Run Operating Protection (D.R.O.P.) system prevents costly pump damage. Constructed of engineered plastics and stainless steel, these pumps are made to last and last.

Typical Applications – This is the perfect household pressure pump. Coupled with electronic pressure control these pumps give you a fantastic shower, without annoying pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Features – Stainless Steel motor Shaft & Pump Casing, Precision Moulded components, Stainless Steel pump foot, Constant Pressure (SMHP models), Loss of Prime protection

Benefits – Corrosion resistant, long lasting, High Efficiency, Low noise, Avoids corrosive sitting water, easy installation, Great pressure for showers & appliances, Protects pump against dry running

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